• Questions about cruelty free and vegan

    Javiera Atenas | 2021-06-16 | Hits 4055
    • Dear madam/sir
       I am writing to you to enquire about if your products are
      cruelty-free, if so, who organization certified the products?, example PETA, leaping bunny, CCF rabit and others . 
      I also want to know if your company has any vegan products, i mean the product free of animal subtances, not been tested on animals, with no techical agents of animal origin.if so, who organization dertified the products, example EVE, Vegan society, others 
      Best wishes.

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  • ISNTREE | 2021-06-17

    Hello, this is ISNTREE 👀✨
    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Unfortunately, we're not certified as vegan brand by any organization, but as our brand moto is to respect life,
    most of our products don't contain any animal ingredients and all of them are cruelty-free.

    I hope this answered to your questions!
    We'll try harder to make better products :)

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